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Current Course Offerings
Number of Courses: 50

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Course ID Course Name Course Hours District Delivery
501 Advanced Fire Investigation 52 No
292 Advanced Structural Firefighting Practices 8 No
101 Aerial Ladders 12 Yes
500 Basic Fire Investigation 52 No
414 Basic Liquefied Natural Gas 8 No
CO3 Chief Officer III (Fire Officer III) 60 No
CO6 Company Officer Fundamentals of Transitional Fire Attack and Flow Paths 8 No
CO1 Company Officer I (Fire Officer I) 60 No
CO2 Company Officer II (Fire Officer II) 60 No
CO5 Company Officer Strategy and Tactics 16 No
301 Confined Space Rescue: Technician Level 18 No
542 Elevator Rescue (Classroom Only) 6 No
129 Emergency Vehicle Operator - Advanced 12 No
132 Emergency Vehicle Operator - Competency 8 Yes
370 Fire Instructor I 60 No
371 Fire Instructor II 60 No
POB Fire Prevention Officer - Basic 4 No
PO1 Fire Prevention Officer I 40 No
616 Firefighter Survival Skills- Saving Ourselves 14 Yes
291 Flashover Simulator Training 6 No
207 HAZMAT/WMD/CT/-Operations Level Responder - FO/CO/FF 24 No
199 HAZMat-OLR/FRO Refresher - 8 Hours 8 No
193 High Hazard Flammable Liquid Transportation by Rail 8 No
EPN High Voltage Emergency Awareness 4 Yes
EPT High Voltage Emergency Awareness 4 Yes
NC0 New Fire Code Orientation (1-day) 8 No
NFG NFA: Best Practices in Community Risk Reduction (F0635) 16 No
NFH NFA: Building Organizational Support for Community Risk Reduction (F0636) 16 No
NF6 NFA: Decision Making for Initial Company Operations (F0457) 16 No
NFE NFA: Leadership 2 for Fire and EMS: Strategies for Personal Success (F0804) 16 No
NF8 NFA: Residential Sprinkler Plan Review (F0142) 16 No
960 Nightclub Fire Safety 8 No
460 Online Chem Suicide Awareness for First Responders 0.5 No
457 Online Compressed Natural Gas Awareness 2 No
458 Online Emergency Responder REHAB 2 No
459 Online Fire Service Air Management 2 No
452 Online Intro to Transitional Fire Attack and Flow Paths 2 No
453 Online Photovoltaics for the Fire Service aka Solar Panels 2 No
117 Protective Breathing Search and Rescue (4500) 12 Yes
POD QFPT: Plan Review Basics 3 No
256 Rapid Intervention 14 Yes
PE3 Remembering When: A Fire and Fall Prevention Program for Older Adults 5 No
115 Rural Water Supply 12 Yes
124 Small Aircraft Hazards -Procedures 6 Yes
S46 Sprinkler Safe House Orientation 2 No
290 Structural Firefighting Practices 7 No
659 Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention 14 No
422 Taking Action Against Cancer In The Fire Service 4 No
308 Trench Rescue: Technician Level 24 No
122 Vehicle Extrication 12 Yes